Terms and Conditions of Service

By using the service you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you don't agree - don't order.

If you break the rules, your account will be suspended and you have no right for refund or other compensation.


- No illegal activity - nothing that is illegal in Bulgaria AND nothing that is illegal in the EU as a whole AND nothing that is illegal in your own country.

- No hacking, cracking, portscanning, etc.

- No DoSing other users.

- No spamming.

- No mass emailing. Even if you think it is CAN-SPAM compliant, we do not allow it. If we catch you trying to do mass emailing we will suspend your account and you will not get any refund.

- We rate limit outbound SMTP connections and also log any SMTP connection attempts that exceed our limits.

- No public proxies or VPNs.

- Private proxies are allowed as long as you use it for legal purposes only.

- Private VPNs are allowed, as long as you use it for legal purposes only.

- Game servers are OK only after getting a prior permission from us.

- No IRC servers.

- IRC client software is allowed for non-abusive use.

- No torrent servers/trackers.

- Client torrent software is allowed only after getting a prior permission from us.

- No unauthorized distribution of copyrighted content.

- No pornographic material of any kind (it is illegal to distribute pornographic content in Bulgaria, even your own home made porn).

- No activity that is likely to attract DoS attacks.

- If you let other people use your VPS (or host their content in it) you must pass these same rules to them too.

- You are fully responsible for all activity happening in your VPS or dedicated servers.


7 Day money back guarantee for the first month of service. If you decide you don't like the service within the first 7 days after ordering it, contact us and we will issue a paypal refund. Refunds can be sent only for services paid by paypal.

If your account was suspended due to breaking the rules or due to resource exhaustion you will not get a refund.


Resource utilization:

- Guaranteed RAM is guaranteed and will not be oversubscribed.

- Network speed and availability is guaranteed, refer to our SLA

- Disk space is guaranteed

- CPU Power on VPS plans is not guaranteed and will be oversubscribed to a maximum ratio of 6:1. The CPU power stated in the plans is the maximum allowed for your VPS. In case all CPU cores on a hardware node are busy you will get a share proportional to your maximum allowed (i.e. atleast 1/6 of the maximum). You are not allowed to exceed 1/6 of your allocated maximum over any 24hours period, otherwise your VPS can be either subjected to further limits or suspended.

- We reserve the right to refund you and refuse to accept you as a customer.

- We will not spam you.

- We will not sell your contact details to anyone.

- We reserve the right to share your details for the purposes of law enforcement as needed.

- You must always provide real contact details. If you provide fake contact details we will suspend/cancel your account.

If your payment is overdue, your account will be suspended.

If your account is suspended and no agreement has been met to unsuspend it, it will be totally gone (and all VPSes and data and backups with it) in 7 days.

About DMCA notices and abuse handling policy: The Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) is an USA copyright law and since we are not in USA we are not directly bound by it. However we comply with all international, EU and local laws which in some cases are even stricter than the DMCA. As stated above illegal distribution of copyrighted content is strictly forbidden. If we receive a DMCA (or equivalent) notice or other abuse report regarding your service with us, we will investigate and notify you and give you some time to react and remove the offending material or caese the offending behavior. We reserve the right to temporarily or permanently block or remove offending content or programs that are in violation of our ToS. Failure to respond to our notification in timely manner will result in termination of your account with us. Repeat offenders will also be terminated and will not be able to use our services again. We reserve the right to report to the authorities any illegal activity that we detect or become aware of.

Cookies: Our website and our web based services use cookies. If you don't agree please don't use any of our services and don't visit our website.

Limited liability: In no case we shall be liable for more than the monthly payment amount for your service.

Governing law: These terms and conditions and the service should be executed according to the laws in Bulgaria. Any legal actions shall be brought exclusively in a court in Varna, Bulgaria. Any dispute arising out of this agreement is governed by Bulgarian law and shall be exclusively submitted to the competent court in Varna, Bulgaria.

We recommend that you print these Terms and Conditions for future reference.

We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at anytime without prior notification it is the customer's responsibility to keep upto date with the Terms and Conditions. In case the Terms and Conditions are changed the customer is bound by the old Terms and Conditions for the period he has prepaid. From the moment the customer makes a new payment to us he agrees to be bound by the new Terms and Conditions.