Each product / service can have different SLA.

For OpenVZ VPS plans - Server uptime and network availability guarantee: 99.9% on a monthly basis. Excludes planned pre-announced maintenance. For every 1 hour of downtime exceeded for a month you get the equivalent of 1 day free service as a compensation. Only applies to downtime caused by us. I.e. if you break your own VPS - that is not our problem. The total compensation for a month cannot exceed the monthly price for the VPS. All compensations will be added as a credit to your account.

We measure downtime with our own monitoring system and third party monitoring systems. If You experience any downtime or problems with your service You should open a support tickets and let us look into it.

This Service Level Aggreement applies to server uptime and IPv4 connectivity. We currently provide no SLA for IPv6.

For personal dedicated servers and ARM based servers we guarantee 99.9% availability of the network, with the same compensation rules as outlined above. We cannot guarantee that the hardware won't break some day. We can only guarantee that we will have spare parts and will replace it if it breaks. In case we don't have the exact same hardware, we reserve the right to replace it with a newer (better) hardware, without increasing the cost for the customer.

If you had downtime or lost data because you had a dedicated server without RAID1, that's not our fault. Even RAID1 cannot be a 100% guarantee for zero hardware induced downtime, so please plan accordingly.