Jul 7th Hardware maintenance on VPS node h4

Dear customers,To ensure the smooth running on our services, we need to perform a hardware maintenance on VPS node h4.Because we don't know how long this maintenance will take we will move all VPSes from this node to other nodes, perform the needed hardware maintenance and later move the VPSes back to node h4 one by one.When moving VPSes from one ... Read More »

Mar 29th Daylight saving time clock change - 2019/03/31

As you might already know, on the 31st of March 2019 (Sunday) there will be a Daylight Saving Time clock change - at 3:00 am localtime the clock will jump to 4:00 am. This affects only the textual representation of time (also known as "localtime") and not the "unixtime" that Linux uses internally. However some badly coded applications (i.e. Java) ... Read More »